Seppe Stax

Attorney at law | Advocaat-Partner

Climate & Environment

Seppe Stax is passionate about preventing climate change. He primarily specializes in EHS and CO2 regulations, real estate planning, and transport & reuse of (waste) materials.

His track record includes offshore wind farms such as Gemini and Borssele 3&4, as well as more recent CO2 storage and utilization or storage projects, for example around Porthos and Aramis. Seppe advised in over 100+ renewable energy, real estate and corporate transactions. Seppe completed two master’s degrees and the university’s honors program in Nijmegen in 2012.

Before founding Mobius, Seppe worked for over 9 years in Allen & Overy's real estate practice. He was affiliated with the New York Bar in 2018 where he worked as an ESG lawyer.



Mobile: +31 6 20 21 76 14

Social: LinkedIn

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