Sector Credentials Climate & Energy Transition

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Utilities & Energy Solutions

Advising AEB Amsterdam, a major waste-to-energy company, on structuring its private electricity grid and electricity supply agreements.

Advising Westland Infra, an electricity grid operator, in the successful appeal to a EUR 600.000 fine imposed by regulator ACM.

Advising interested buyers on multiple sales of the Attero waste-to-energy business.

Advising on setting up industrial energy hubs throughout the Netherlands.

CO2 Reduction

Advising AEB Amsterdam on its project to capture and store CO2 in empty gas fields in the North Sea.

Advising a large renewable energy supply company in its enforcement proceedings with regulator ACM regarding CO2 greenwashing allegations.

Advising the company on the rollout of its groundbreaking technologies designed to capture CO2 (from seagoing vessels) and utilize or store it.

Advising potential buyers on the CO2 voluntary trading market and greenwashing compliance status of (target) companies.

Wind & Solar

Advising the sellers or developers of wind farms StrekdammenOude Mol and Pottendijk (120MW wind, solar, storage combined).

Advising parties such as Klimaatfonds, Zeeuwind and Sunrock on their corporate sleeved or virtual Power Purchase Agreements.

Advising the lenders or developers on the project financing of the Blauwwind Offshore Wind Farm Borssele III & IV (731,5 MW), Krammer (102 MW), SwifterWinT (207 MW) and Fryslân (382 MW).

Advising Sunrock on the financing and corporate restructuring of its business and its (pipeline) rooftop solar portfolio.

Advising the lenders or developers on the project finance of solar farms SunPort Delfzijl (30 MW), Midden-Groningen (103 MW) and Duurkenakker (62 MW).

Heat, Hydrogen, Biogas

Advising Oost NL on the financing and realization of the bio-LNG plant of Nordsol.

Advising the lender and equity investor on the financing of a bio-gas production plant in the Netherlands.

Advising the lender on the project financing of a hydrogen refueling station in the Netherlands.

Advising the developer and lender on two major geothermal heat projects in the Netherlands.

Circularity & Resources

Advising Oost NL and Nationaal Groenfonds on the financing of a synthetic turf recycling plant of Re-Match Netherlands.

Advising WM Recycle America on its waste recycling imports from the US to the EU.

Advising Avantium on the financing of Avantium’s FDCA flagship recycling plant in Delfzijl.

Advising the project company and sponsors on the project financing of a BioBTX plant.

Advising the lender on the financing of Tala, a Dutch company that designs and builds modular, circular and CO2-neutral housing.  

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