Real Estate Expertise

Our team of experienced real estate lawyers is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services. We understand the complex and ever-changing nature of the real estate industry, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals. Mobius offers a comprehensive range of real estate legal services, including:

Sale & Purchase Transactions

We guide clients through the sale and purchase of real estate, from due diligence and negotiations to completion of a transaction and post-completion matters. Whether it be by way of a transfer of asset(s) or shares.

Real Estate Finance

We assist clients with all aspects of real estate finance, from (re)development facilities to investment financing and including all due diligence and contracting aspects.

Development & Construction

Advising on all aspects of real estate development and construction, from procurement and construction contracts to financing and planning law.

Lease Agreements

We draft and negotiate commercial and residential lease agreements and represent clients in landlord-tenant disputes.

Asset & Portfolio Management

We help clients to manage their real estate portfolios, for example by drafting asset maintenance & property management agreements and hotel management agreements.

Zoning & Planning

We advise on permitting procedures for new and transformation object, building possibilities under the zoning regime or how to change it, and represent clients in legal proceedings.

Regulatory Compliance

We help clients comply with all real estate regulations, including fire safety, nitrogen emissions, municipal building legislation, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Litigation & Enforcement

We represent clients in all types of real estate disputes, including disputes over contracts, leases, property ownership, permitting and zoning.

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