Contracting & Advisory

Mobius can advise on lease, real estate, commercial and project agreements, and on regulatory challenges such as soil contamination, permitting & zoning, protected species, energy, CO2- and nitrogen emissions.

In particular, we can draft, review and negotiate all types of:

  • Real Estate documents: including lease agreements, construction agreements, asset/property management agreements and development agreements.
  • Commercial contracts: including EPC, O&M, PPA, BoP, supply agreements, grid connection agreements and heat purchase agreements.
  • Finance documents: including facility agreements, intercreditor agreements, security documents and direct agreements.
  • Acquisition documents: including share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and all ancillary documents

In addition, Mobius can advise and assist you in

  • Real Estate litigation. Mobius can act in court on your behalf in real estate legal proceedings.
  • Environmental and renewable energy regulatory advice: including permitting, zoning, asbestos, soil contamination, CO2- and nitrogen emissions, protected species, building legislation, fire safety, chemicals, SDE subsidies, electricity grid and energy market regulations.
  • Environmental litigation: Mobius can assist you when confronted with enforcement action or in non-compliance discussions with the authorities. And represent you in environmental and spatial planning court cases.

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